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    The company's products are widely served in food and beverage, biological....


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    Among them, ymd-608YMD-606YMD-601YMd-602ymd-501, and other series, have been recognized by the majority of customers, Dongyu Xiangren adheres to the concept of "quality first, technological innovation" and inspires the company to become the leading transmission device manufacturer in China. Business, will go to the world


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    Intelligent channel management system for Grade A office buildings, intelligent buildings, star hotels, landmark buildings, factory enterprises, military camps, national prisons, financial institutions, research institutes, residential communities, and large communities.

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    Facing the new market competition situation and the pattern of global economic integration, we will adhere to the development concept of quality and strength, adhere to the principle of honesty, abide by the promise of a long-term commitment, be brave in innovation, forge ahead, and develop steadily. We will vigorously promote the three major strategies of technological innovation, capital operation, and internationalization, and comprehensively promote the transformation of Jiuding's self-control from traditional enterprises to high-tech industries, respect intellectual talents, and build a vigorous and energetic spirit of unity and hard work, and strive to build Powerful enterprises strive for new glory.

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    At the same time, we are committed to more industry exchanges, from the technical and operational level, without any reservations to impart experience and wisdom, to bring the gospel to more practitioners.

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    The company has carefully designed, exquisite craftsmanship, precise manufacturing, and quality engineering as the quality concept. It is equipped with advanced equipment such as hydraulic shearing machine, hydraulic bending machine, precision CNC lathe, argon arc welding machine and ordinary welding machine. Precision products provide reliable protection

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    To become the leader of China and even the world's outstanding live oxygen water, gas dual-use electrical appliances manufacturers and OEM service providers.